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Design hour #11 / Lightning Talks #1

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6:00 PM–⁠7:00 PM (GMT+2)
Design hour

Hi there! After a short break, we’re back with another Design Hour and a new format! 🥳 

This year, we’ve decided to go for a more dynamic approach with “lightning talks”—3 different speakers, 3 short talks charged with information and experience.

This time you’ll hear

1. Designing for NGOs

Veronika Hradilová

You can do better than another Spotify redesign!

A fancy redesign of Spotify probably won't get you a spot in their Design Team, solving someone's real problem actually might. Let's explore together how to practice and learn design skills while helping others. I will share my experience of designing for non-profit and how it has enriched my life.

Veronika Hradilová, UX Designer at Kentico Xperience

2. Tips on how to take better notes

Anna Rosická

Notable notes—Make your user research easier through effective note-taking

Have you ever spent painful hours replaying interview recordings and taking notes, only to realize later on that they are of no use? The path from user interviews to impactful research insights is dark and full of terrors. In this talk, I’ll show you some tips and tricks on how to make your life easier with good research notes. I’ve gone through some painful experiences and funky failures myself. Now, you can just sit back and learn from my mistakes. And who knows, maybe take good notes along the way.

Anna Rosická, UX Researcher at Kentico

3. Creating truly delightful products

Martin Florian

What it truly means to design for delight

Have you ever wondered why you like using certain products even though they are not particularly easy on the eye? Or why are you still coming back to the same brand despite obvious flaws in their products? Our brain processes information at three levels, each playing part in shaping your experience. In my talk, I will shed some light on these levels and why you shouldn’t neglect any of them if you want to create truly delightful products.

Martin Florian, UX Leader at Kentico Xperience

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