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How We Work

Whatever your position in our company...

You make your own rules and choose your direction

We click with people that are able to get down to work. We don’t need to tempt new talent with meal vouchers, paid leave, or other benefits. If you're prepared to work hard and are open to learning new things, you'll be happy here.

We don’t smother new colleagues—we like to onboard them instead.

When you join the team, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by how we do things here. You get the chance to try everything with the support of a "buddy". They watch your back, take you under their wing, and make sure you get a smooth, solid start.

We respect each other

The phrase itself may seem a bit worn out, but that’s really how it works here. We lead, if necessary, but we're happy to leave it to you. We believe in our colleagues’ abilities, don’t grind others’ gears, and behave honestly.

We don’t stockpile our products or our ideas

We may be large, but we keep things moving. We're not big on meetings and are not sticklers for paperwork. Instead, we strive to improve our product and like to experiment with new and meaningful things. If you have an idea, share it. We all have a voice in deciding what our next project will be.

We make room for personal growth

Everyone here is welcome (and encouraged) to devote twenty percent of their working hours to reading text books, working on their own projects, or improving current products. Besides that, we also pay for conference admission, certification costs, and in-house English courses.

We move across the company

We understand that after some time you might want to learn some new skills. That’s easy here—you can simply change positions. 

Really flexible working hours

“Flexible working hours” doesn’t mean a column on a piece of paper somewhere. Everybody is free to plan their work as they see fit. This makes it easier to manage that morning workout or a much-needed early Friday escape. 

We love new technologies

Instead of stereotypical or clunky, outdated solutions, we are constantly innovating our own way of development. We take the best from agile and lean principles and try out new approaches and technologies.

It’s okay to make mistakes

We believe that every mistake can be turned into something good. We’ve all made a few. The important part is to take responsibility and learn from them. Did you know that for each bug discovered in our product, we plant a tree? 

We really like being together

No compulsory team building here. Anyone can organize an activity for others and if at least 20 colleagues join in, the company will help pay for it. This basically means that there is always something fun going on.

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