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VP Marketing for a SaaS Product

We’re on a mission to change the way companies tell their stories and provide them with the best tool to work with content. Will you help us?

We’re on a mission to change the way companies tell their stories and provide them with the best tool to work with content. Kentico has been one of the leading Content Management vendors for the past 14 years. Our existing product is used in 100 countries and it has been recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM. Now we’re coming to the market with a new SaaS solution that is redefining the way people work with content - Kentico Cloud.

In this role, you will be responsible for marketing of our new Kentico Cloud business line. Kentico Cloud is a next generation CMS that allows creatives to collaborate on customer-facing content and publish it across any channels, including Web, mobile, AR/VR, IoT, voice assistants, etc. It changes the way people work with content and allows them to replace multiple tools with a single end-to-end content management solution. The target audience for the product are content strategists, marketers and developers. It's already used by numerous enterprise clients across the world and quickly growing every month.

What will be your biggest challenge?

You will be to define a brand of our Kentico Cloud product, increase its brand awareness and generate demand.

What we offer?

Incredible freedom, possibility to create your own team, and meaningful work.
You will have a unique opportunity to create your own team consisting of the best talents from the scratch. 

Your decisions will have real impact on the company results.
We are not looking for a puppet, we seek a hands-on strategist. A personality not afraid to take on responsibilities, to outline a script and to ensure that everything runs according to plan.

Rules? You will create your own.
Do not expect a manual or to-do list. The company is agile – and so is the Marketing. 

Will we see eye to eye?

To us, cooperation is not just an empty word
Our Marketing is not insulated in a bubble. Quite the opposite. Our Marketing do not only communicate with the Sales, Product Managers and Product Owners, but also listen to our Customer Support’s feedback carefully. 

Revenues are not wasted, they are invested
You realise that marketing activities should show continuity. Your first question is not how big the budget is. You ask about the goals instead. 

To you, customer comes first
You should have a sales spirit; understand what value we provide to our customers and translate it into plain English our customers will understand and get inspired by. 

You are not afraid to make changes on the go
Feedback and learning from our mistakes is what helps us move forward. We are not used to sweeping our issues under the rug. They are simply dragged into the light and dealt with on the run. What’s your attitude? 

Are you the type of person who...

bases their decisions on data?
We are not looking for a theoretical nuclear physicist. We need someone with practical experience of leading a team in a tech company, planning campaigns, as well as processing and analysing data. 

is not afraid of new things?
Are you able to reassess your views on the run, to lead a constructive discussion or to listen to other people’s ideas? 

is a genuine critical thinker?
You keep asking why and are really interested in the reasons. You are a critical thinker, capable of giving feedback to people who are not there yet. 

Yes, we are looking for a Superman/Wonder Woman. 

But we know that such people do exist.
They are strategic thinkers with experience from SaaS businesses, hands-on approach and positive attitude to technologies. Overall, they should have endless energy, fresh ideas, but also the ability to work with analytics data. Let’s be real here – they are about to do marketing in a software company. 

Is it you? Or do you know someone? 

Get in touch. You will meet our CEO, Petr Palas, and the rest of the management team, and you can talk about all the things that didn’t fit into the advert.

How does the job interview work?

Tough questions, psychological tests and a scary atmosphere. Not in our job interviews. Although in Brno we may have dogs in our offices, we do not bite. Rather than psychological evaluations, we trust in our own intuition. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

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At the Interview, You Will Meet…

Petr Palas