Design hour #12 / Lightning Talks #2

Come and enjoy the recording from another edition of Kentico Design Hour—Lightning Talks. This time, we got multidisciplinary! Our Product Manager, UX Researcher, UX Designer, and Technical Leader covered the product discovery phase of software development in their talks. What are the best practices? How do we do it at Kentico? And most importantly, what does good cooperation amongst all these roles look like during Product Discovery?

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1/ Making stakeholders confident and teams engaged through better product discovery

Tomáš Hrubý

Senior Product Manager

Two years ago, we were in a dark place with team engagement and pressure from stakeholders. Although our research and product management focused on jobs-to-be-done, it felt like Devs, PMs, and Designers lived in their silos. Join me to hear the story of how, by improving the product discovery process, we got better focus, alignment, and happiness in teams.

2/ Exploratory research done right

Adéla Svoboda

Senior UX Researcher

Talking to your users can be intimidating but it is a crucial part of product discovery. Let’s talk about what kind of research we usually do during this phase, how to approach it, and what to do with the outcomes. I will share my experience of doing research like this, and share some tips and mistakes to learn from.

3/ Train your empathy muscle with continuous discovery

4/ Don't just deliver the feature, make sure it has the right impact

Peter Škoda

Technical Leader

If you’re in a technical role like me and the term product discovery does not ring a bell, don’t worry. In this presentation, I will explain why Kontent developers are part of it, what it means to them, and how it helps us achieve our goals.

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