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We Are a Czech IT Company... from Brno

We have one boss, a great product, and thousands of satisfied customers. We create software that helps companies all over the world run their businesses online.

We Are Going Places and Looking for New Colleagues

  • Office in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Office in Bedford, USA
  • Office in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Office in London, United Kingdom
  • Office in Sydney, Australia

They Love It Here

  • Antonin Moravec

    We work together on things that send shivers up and down my spine – in a good way. I am proud to be able to say “our efforts made that money”. There is no magic; we just work hard. I have been here for nine years, and I still want more. 

    Antonin Moravec, COO

  • Miroslav Jirku

    Before joining Kentico, I worked in three similar positions in three similar companies where the working environment wasn't as geared towards success. People are focused on what they do, they are not preoccupied with nonsense, and they are honest. Plus, we are not just some branch of a foreign company that only fulfills and implements orders given by its headquarters. Instead, we come up with and implement our own strategies and global projects. That’s what I love about this job. Three years on, and I still don't mind getting up on Monday mornings.

    Miroslav Jirku, Marketing Leader

  • Zbysek Nemec

    Everybody has a chance to grow in what they like and enjoy. My professional path has weaved its way through many different areas. I started off in support, then became a developer and Scrum Master, and now I am the Development Director. Today, I look after 70 people – developers, testers, and technical writers.

    Zbysek Nemec, Development Director

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We Love Supporting Students

The will to educate, discover new opportunities, and work on useful projects is our inherent quality, which is a spirit we love to share with others. Did you know that Kentico was initially a Bachelor’s thesis?


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