We do global business—in Czechia.

In 2004, an enthusiastic IT student in Brno decided to create software for web content management. Today, his company does business all over the world. Development, marketing, sales, and customer support—together, we sit in the Brno headquarters and the Prague office. We have managers who have worked their way up to their positions. A successful product that we are constantly modernizing. And colleagues we respect. Read the Kentico story. What if you could be the hero of its next chapter?

This is us in numbers.

  • 200+
  • 5
    offices worldwide
  • 500+
  • 30,000+
  • 100+
    children born
  • 3,000+
    trees planted

The brains behind Kentico? Petr Palas!

Like founder like business. At Kentico, that holds true. 

Kentico was set up in 2004 based on the bachelor thesis of Petr Palas. Although he now follows and supports the company from afar, the building blocks he laid are still firmly in place.

Petr explains who we are and who we want to be:

  • We are a marathon runner, not a sprinter. We don’t focus on high revenues only. Instead, we concentrate long-term on the one thing we find meaningful and aim to excel at—content management.
  • We have eyes on the target. We resist random opportunities to extend our portfolio. Instead, we keep enhancing the core of our business. 
  • We innovate instead of imitating. We always aim to be several steps ahead and offer more. 
  • We help millions of users.  Instead of targeting just a few enterprise customers, our products serve everyone.
  • We are a compact, flexible company. And we purposefully keep it that way. It’s not our goal to ever become a rigid corporate.

We have come a long way.

Since 2004, we have helped customers manage their content easily and effectively. At the same time, we keep fine-tuning our offices, benefits, and the way we work. Why? Because we want everyone to feel great at work!

  • 2022

    A year of great changes

    • On 1 December we are opening a new branch in Prague. 
    • After carefully selecting, we accept one of the highest investments in the history of Czech IT companies.
    • Kentico is entirely focused on its flagship product, Xperience by Kentico.
    • Our internal start-up is spinning off with the investment as a separate company, Kontent.ai.
    • Petr Palas remains an executive board member, and Dominik Pintér becomes the new CEO.
  • 2020-21

    We thrive—despite the pandemics

    • We improve the company structure by creating two product divisions—Kontent and Xperience—with their own respective executive teams. However, we are still one company that shares values, several departments, and an executive board. 

    • Lots of us get married and start families. In fact, the number of babies born to our colleagues reach 100 in 2020. And in 2021, 26 more are brought to the world.

    • We now work in a hybrid mode. Each of us has our own desk in the office, but we also work from home—each team to their own.

    • We adapt our benefits to the current situation and throw in individual ad-hoc help to those colleagues who need it.
  • 2019

    Kentico celebrates its 15th birthday!

  • 2016-18

    We keep growing—in a healthy way

    • We snatch the “Healthy Office“ award in 2016!

    • We start practicing yoga in the office; there is always fruit and veg in the kitchenettes and even little something for those with a sweet tooth.  

    • We give up plastic bottles. Instead of bottled water, we now enjoy organic squash and juice produced by local farmers. 

    • We add 800 sqm of new office space in the Titanium building—to have more room for work, meetings, team lunches, and foosball. 
  • 2010-15

    We set up new offices, worldwide

    • There are 67 of us in Brno, so our original space doesn’t suffice anymore. In 2010, we move to a brand-new space. By 2013, there are 100 of us working here.

    • In 2011, we open a new office in Britain, followed by Australia in 2012, and Benelux three years later.

  • 2009

    We start planting trees for bugs

    • We come up with a way to turn each error into something positive—for each bug customers discover in our code, plant a tree. Twice every year from now on. Today, over 3,000 produce oxygen in and about Brno!
  • 2004

    Kentico’s foundation stone is laid

    • Do you know that Kentico has evolved from Petr Palas’ bachelor thesis? We keep his floppy disk with the original code of our initial CMS for good luck.

Do you want to know more? How did our products evolve, what international recognitions we’ve gained, and more can be found on www.kentico.com

Giving back goes without saying.

To one another, to our customers, to the community. We are happy to be doing well and thus be able to share what we have. Every little helps. Anyone can come up with a new idea.

We help regularly.

Those in need, and organizations who lend a helping hand to others. Here’s just a taste of what we do.

Supporting Children’s Hospital.

We’ve been supporting Brno’s University Hospital for years. Donating blood, toys for the Children’s Hospital, and money for equipment—you name it. During the pandemics, we also regularly bring boxes of goodies as a thank you to COVID wards for all those overworked health professionals.

We help in Brno Zoo

The enclosures need cleaning, the showcases need polishing, the pavements need sweeping... We regularly go to Brno Zoo together to pull our weight. 

Planting trees

For each bug in our product, we plant a tree. That’s Trees for Bugs in a nutshell. Twice a year, we make the environment in and about Brno greener. If there are few bugs only, we plant lots of trees anyway as part of the Sázíme budoucnost initiative.