Our benefits

We make sure to add that little extra

Kentico is growing, and so are we—personally and professionally. With more and more babies born and interests shifting, our needs evolve too. We add and adapt our benefits to suit everyone best.

We respect families

We have over 100 kids among us and countless exciting hobbies. Fortunately, work-life balance is not just a buzzword! We can wind down on an unlimited vacation, relax at family events, and most importantly, be at peace thanks to the flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home. New fathers have their paternity leave extended to help out around the babies. And the most loyal colleagues get a month-long sabbatical to replenish.

  • Flexible working hours

  • Work from home

  • Unlimited vacation

  • Sabbatical

  • Extended paternal leave

  • Events for families

We learn every day

To make sure Kentico moves forward and so do we, 20% of our working hours are dedicated to education and innovations. What does that mean exactly? We attend conferences, read, organize in-house workshops, gain professional certifications; you name it. Every week, we also work on our language skills with Kentico’s native English teacher. The possibilities are endless.

  • Innovation Time

  • Use Your Friday Well

  • Conference fees

  • Internal workshops

  • In-house English lessons

  • Certifications

  • Company library

Health is a priority

We want to stay healthy. We put vitamin supplements, fruit, veggies, and organic juices on the table every day. We have a yoga instructor, physical therapist, and masseur come to the office regularly. We do sports together. But what if we come down with something anyway? Easy. With unlimited sick leave and the possibility of working from home, we beat the bug quickly.

  • Sick Days

  • Fruit, veg, and vitamin supplements

  • MultiSport card

  • In-house yoga

  • Meal allowance

  • Massages

Offices feel like home

Open space? Nope! We prefer cozy team offices, sleeping boxes, and a “living room” with bookcases and a huge fish tank. What else? Foosball, shower, and fully-equipped kitchens. You can see dogs running down the corridors and children playing in a playroom.  Our offices are a part of the Titanium building that offers a restaurant, café, and an open atrium to relax at.

  • Fully-equipped kitchens

  • Refreshments

  • Dogs allowed in offices

  • Sleeping boxes

  • Cozy meeting rooms

  • Children’s playroom

  • Shower

  • Bike room

  • Laundry room

  • Restaurants in the building

  • Air conditioning

Fun times at and outside work

When we need to unwind, there are foosball tables and play stations in the office. But what about outside working hours? There’s so much more! With our team budgets, we can drive carts, go to the movies, or for a lavish meal. Kentico chips in regularly for team events. Additionally, we have company parties twice a year. If you are into sports, you can join our football, hockey, running, or badminton teams. 

  • Team-event budget
  • Contribution to activities
  • Company events
  • St Nicholas party for children
  • Christmas party
  • Summer party
  • Private screenings at Cinema City