Coding Dojo

Experience extreme programming first-hand and dabble in automated testing

Developers, wanna look into automated testing? Experience extreme programming first-hand? Have you heard of Randori Kata? Register for free and try out iterative test-driven development and paired programming. Together with 4–6 fellow developers, you will get the chance to sharpen your skills and learn the best practices from Kentico’s professionals.

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Event Guarantor

Filip Tesař

Engineering Manager

Filip participates in cloud-product development on MS Azure. He prefers C#, agile methodology, and TDD. He has organized Coding Dojo for over five years—he is happy to share his extensive experience.

Michal Ingr


Michal has been with us for five years, starting as a QA Engineer, now a Developer. He first encountered TDD at Coding Dojo and has been applying automated tests wherever he can ever since. He decided to co-organize this workshop to help others discover the advantages of TDD.

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