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We grow gradually on purpose. We cherish our stable teams. When someone joins Kentico, they usually stay with us. Now, we are looking for new colleagues—team players who are not afraid to speak up. Will you be one of them?

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Business Development Representative

As we modernize Kentico, we are establishing new methods of our sales processes. Our main goal is to get closer to our potential customers; we actively seek new ways to approach...

QA Engineer

Can you read the code? Can you spot mistakes? Search for them via both manual and automated tests!

Support Engineer, Australia

Do you enjoy helping people solve their technical problems? Become technical support for our APAC customers!

.NET Developer

Do you have experience to build on? A Developer of our web framework is wanted, and it might be you!

UX Designer

Complete redesign. Design system. Transforming product and development into an agile, user-centric process. Just a big challenge.

DevOps Engineer

Would you rather automate something for a week than do it by hand in 5 minutes? Are you no stranger to scripting? The first thing that comes to your name under the word "cloud" ...

EMEA Sales Engineer

Get our customers on board technologically and help them find the easiest road to success.

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Monika, our Recruiter, will contact you. She will let you know whether we are looking for a new colleague that fits your profile and the next steps. There might be a small practical task for you to solve. Mostly, she will invite you for a personal chat at Kentico, face-to-face or virtual.

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Here we go. You are going to meet Monika and your potential team members. We are curious and ask a lot of questions to get to know you better. In return, you can also ask about anything and everything. We will meet up personally—over a cup of coffee or online.

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You will be pampered—we have plenty of benefits to help you grow professionally and relax as well.

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Monika Kyzlinková

monikak@kentico.com LinkedIn

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