Senior Software Engineer

Elevate our flagship product, Xperience by Kentico. Drive innovation, mentor, and collaborate in a flexible, hybrid work environment.

We're on the lookout for a Senior Software Engineer who brings industry experience and the drive to make a business impact by developing a well-established product used by thousands of customers worldwide for both our R&D centers in Prague and Brno

What will you be doing?

As a Senior Software Engineer, you'll take the helm in evolving our flagship product, Xperience by Kentico. This highly extensible framework is designed for large-scale enterprises and offers robust content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce solutions

  • Start Date: Straightaway
  • Language: English B2

You'll play a pivotal role embedded within one of our product development teams, which typically comprise 7–10 diverse talents. They include Engineering Managers, Software Engineers, QA Specialists, UX Designers, and Project Managers.  

You'll engage in deep collaboration with teams across Product, Design, and Engineering, driving the creation of innovative features. Your voice will be crucial in strategic discussions, allowing you to influence the product's direction with your technical expertise

Taking the lead, you'll steer the technical vision for developing comprehensive solutions and user experiences that address broad business challenges, in close coordination with the Architecture team. 

Furthermore, you'll serve as a guiding light for team members at the outset of their careers, fostering their growth and enabling them to unlock their utmost potential. 

Our approach to work

We embrace flexibility in our working hours to accommodate your lifestyle, ensuring collaboration occurs within a single time zone (Prague/Brno). This setup guarantees all crucial decisions are made locally. No need for late-night meetings

Adopting a hybrid work model, we encourage a blend of onsite and remote work—spend two days in either our Prague or Brno offices and enjoy the convenience of working from home for the remaining three if you wish. 

At the heart of our ethos is offering permanent positions, underscoring our commitment to your financial well-being, health, and social security. We're dedicated to enhancing your work-life balance through a comprehensive suite of benefits tailored to support your overall well-being. 

With whom will you cooperate?

In your role, you'll directly align with the Engineering Manager of your product team, who will offer both strategic guidance and mentorship. Your day-to-day interactions will not only involve your immediate colleagues—fellow Software Engineers and QA Engineers—but also necessitate a close partnership with UX Designers and Product Managers. The conception and development of each new feature are collaboratively driven by a core trio: a UX expert, a Product Manager, and a Senior Software Engineer like yourself. 

Architects will stand by your side, ensuring that your design contributions are seamlessly integrated into the broader technical blueprint of our product. Together with Architects and other seasoned professionals, you'll be at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technologies, ensuring our product remains aligned with the latest industry trends and adheres to best practices

Your career journey

Our approach to career development is both transparent and structured. We offer every team member a well-defined roadmap for growth. Rather than adhering to a rigid set of tasks, our system is centered around the impact you create, allowing for a personalized journey to success.  

We recognize and celebrate the diverse talents within our team, understanding that impact can be achieved through various strengths—be it through effective communication and clarity, in-depth technical expertise, or exceptional collaboration and delegation skills. 

Is It You?

  • You have experience in designing systems and solving architectural and design problems.  
  • You are proficient in at least one object-oriented programming language (preferably C# or Java; but a specific language is not a limiting factor).  
  • You understand architectures, data structures, and design patterns.  
  • You have working experience of front-end frameworks (preferably React and TypeScript; but specific technology is not a limiting factor) 
  • You are able to collaborate and be a role model for others; skilled in explaining work, asking insightful questions, listening to peers, and giving and receiving feedback.  
  • You are laser-focused on building software that solves real problems for real people.  
  • Your engineering approach is professional—ensuring code is coherent, well-designed, easy to test, and maintainable over time.  
  • You are empathetic with effective communication skills—able to work in ambiguous situations and bring clarity into them. You can find common ground with both technical and non-technical roles (UX, PM). 
  • A good command of  English  is essential (at least B2). 

Contact us, and we can meet in our offices in Brno or Prague. At the interview, you will meet the team members. And if we click, we'd like you to join us full-time.

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At the interview, you will meet:

Jana Safira Nováková

Engineering Manager

Štěpán Kozák

Development Director & Site Leader

Monika Kyzlinková

Recruiter LinkedIn

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Our favorite benefits

Innovation Time

Innovation Time

You get to plan one-fifth of your work time to do the things you want to focus on – projects or further education.

Unlimited Number of Sick Days

Unlimited Number of Sick Days

Are you feeling under the weather? Stay at home. You only need a sick note if you are ill for more than 3 days in a row.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible Working Hours

Recommended by 10 out of 10 parents and commuting colleagues.

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