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Solution Architect

Do you enjoy programming and like working with people? Become a technical consultant and help our clients with their projects

What will you do?

You will work with our clients and partners when they need advice from an expert. When they need help solving their implementation problems, you will work with them to figure it out.

You will enjoy a wide range of tasks and activities! Your primary responsibilities will include:

1. Consulting

You will be advising developers on the best approach to solve their business requirements. This may include creating some example code, but the final implementation and support of the solution is up to the client or partner you are working with. You will also be working with customers that are experiencing issues that require advanced troubleshooting.

2. Auditing

You will use your past experience and knowledge of best practices to evaluate client's projects and advise them on performance, security, or other problems you identify. Your recommendations will include an explanation of what the core issue is and how they can address them.

3. Training

You may need to create and present technical training on our products for customers. Some travel may be required for these.

4. Developing best practices and tools

One of our goals is to help clients and partners help themselves. You will create content to share with the community to help them understand best practices better. You will also have the opportunity to develop tools that make developer's lives easier.

You will have freedom to plan your work. You prioritize the work in front of you and schedule your time and client appointments. You can choose to provide customers with working code samples, a detailed report, or even just an summary email as long as the customer's needs are met. 

What do we expect from you?

  • Experience, so that you can advise others
  • Confidence, so that customers feel at ease with the solutions you provide
  • Articulate, as communication with customers is a critical everyday task
  • Positive, as we like our customers and we are nice to them
  • Assertive, as you will be working with people… :) 

Your technical skills?

You will need a strong understanding of programming, specifically: ASP.NET / C#, WebForms, MVC, SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and SQL databases. Any experience with Kentico CMS / EMS is a huge plus.

Even if some of these are not your strengths, we will do our best to help you learn what you need. 

You will also need an excellent command of English, both spoken and written.

Interested in learning more or want to give it a try? Let us know. We will send you an assignment and meet you in person. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



5 Weeks Leave

Everyone works better well-rested. Therefore, relax properly for 5 weeks – regardless of whether you work part-time or full-time. 


Unlimited Number of Sick Days

Are you feeling under the weather? Stay at home. You only need a sick note if you are ill for more than 3 days in a row. 


Use Your Friday Well

Shhh, we are concentrated! No meetings on Friday as we focus on work and innovation. 


Innovation Time

You get to plan one-fifth of your work time to do the things you want to focus on – projects or further education.


English Lessons 

Apart from English courses in a language school we have our own ESL Teacher. The lessons take place in small groups in the offices and focus on the needs and levels of ability of each team. 


Flexible Working Hours

Recommended by 10 out of 10 parents and commuting colleagues.


Paid Paternity Leave

We give fathers of new-born babies two weeks' paid holiday.


Comfortable Working Environment

Dogs, fish … we even have our own beer tap - and we're not afraid to use it!


Yoga Twice a Week

We start our day with yoga directly at our workplace.  


Business Trips

Wanna try to work from the United States or meet our customers in UK, Australia and Netherlands? Why not? We have branches there.


Multisport Card

Go to a gym every day, if you feel like it – at our expense.


Training and Certifications

You can have free professional specializations and/or get a Cambridge English Certificate.

How does the job interview work?

Tough questions, psychological tests and a scary atmosphere. Not in our job interviews. Although in Brno we may have dogs in our offices, we do not bite. Rather than psychological evaluations, we trust in our own intuition. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

Intrigued? Like what you're reading? Drop us a line and we will tell you more.

At the Interview, You Will Meet…

Matěj Bystřický

Senior Recruiter

Tomáš Vykydal

Head of Support and Consulting Services