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Technical Consultant at Kentico Kontent

Make our customers’ experience with Kentico Kontent as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

We have customers all around the globe who use Kontent, our headless CMS, to reach out to their audience via all possible digital channels. To take full advantage of our solution and succeed, they need a hand sometimes. 

What will you be doing?

You will be based in our Sydney office, Australia. You can also work from home at times. Your day-to-day tasks will primarily include: 

  • Advising customers on what approach they should choose for their technical solutions and architecture
  • Responding actively when customers need you—we use tools and processes that enable customers to chat with us without obstacles
  • Delivering technical consultations to customers so they can move forward without a hitch 
  • Reporting customer feedback so that we are aware of and able to tackle any problems they may encounter 

What will your typical day look like?

We talk to our customers about their project architecture, how to use our APIs and SDKs, our best practices, how to cache and migrate their content, or how to integrate our CMS with other services. This all happens either via Intercom chat tool or in virtual sessions. Some on-site sessions may take place as well.

This role has a dual focus on:

  • Providing world-class chat support for any product-level technical issues or general technical guidance


  • Delivering technical consulting within our Professional Services for solving project-specific challenges our clients are facing

Is it you?

We are looking for someone who can code and likes to chat. Are you a developer who doesn’t want to code all day long and wants to help others directly? 

This is a perfect position for someone who: 

  • Stays up-to-date with application architectures and development
  • Knows how to work with APIs
  • Is confident working in JavaScript (TypeScript, Node.js, build tools)
  • Can also write code in .NET Core (C#, Visual Studio)
  • Knows HTML and style in CSS
  • Has experience with web-development tools such as Git or Postman

Do you want to impress us even more?

Tell us about a similar position you’ve worked at or some projects you’ve completed using a JavaScript framework or library.

Do you think we’re the right fit for you? Contact us, and we can meet in our office in Sydney, or online. And if it works out for both sides, we’d like you to join us full-time. Remotely? No problem! 

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  • Jan Hermann

    This is my dream job because I can see immediate results and and get instant feedback from the customer. I know I am actually helping solve problems. We are not a call center; we are a genuine technical support center. Here, you learn all the time. You learn every little detail about the product, which guarantees professional growth. Plus, working here has one huge advantage – it's an excellent professional springboard.

    Jan Hermann, Senior Support Engineer

How does the job interview work?

Tough questions, psychological tests and a scary atmosphere. Not in our job interviews. Although in Brno we may have dogs in our offices, we do not bite. Rather than psychological evaluations, we trust in our own intuition. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us.

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