Kentico Dev Meetup #4 Prague / Kentico ASP.NET Core tricks and extension points

Are you a .NET Developer who has worked in the industry before? 

Would you like to discover new corners of ASP .NET Core development, but the beginner's introduction doesn't do it for you?

In November, you had the chance to meet top industry experts and inspire each other. 

At the lecture, Jaroslav Ruzicka revealed his real-life tips and tricks.


  • 18.00–18.15: Introduction
  • 18.15–19.00: Lecture
  • 19.00–20.00: Q&A session with refreshments

You can even teach ASP.NET Core to bark if you know where to reach. So, let's take a peek under the hood. We'll look for interesting extension points and patterns used by the Dotnet team (and Microsoft, for that matter). Jarda describes himself as a no-nonsense developer, so don't expect general baloney in this talk.

/ FLEKSI BETA, Vyskočilova 1481/4, 140 00 Praha 4
6:00 PM-8:00 PM (GMT+2)
Kentico Dev Meetup

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Jaroslav Růžička

Senior Developer

Jarda has been gaining experience for over ten years. At Microsoft, he was part of a team that worked on a low-level .NET library, parts of which you will see in future versions of .NET (for example, DI pooling or request header parsing). From Microsoft, he moved to Kentico, where he is a senior member of the team implementing artificial intelligence in our product, Xperience by Kentico. He has also been interested in quality education since he was young.

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