Kentico Dev Meetup

Developer meetup full of workshops, lectures, and discussions.

You can meet seasoned professionals from the world of Microsoft technologies. Sometimes, there’s a 30-minute lecture on a current topic, followed by a discussion. Another time, you will tackle a particular issue together. Or you can attend a panel discussion. You’ll meet speakers from Kentico and other businesses who’ll share their know-how and experience. Free of charge, in Brno or in Prague.

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Jaroslav Růžička

Senior Developer

Jarda has been gaining experience for over ten years. At Microsoft, he was part of a team that worked on a low-level .NET library, parts of which you will see in future versions of .NET (for example, DI pooling or request header parsing). From Microsoft, he moved to Kentico, where he is a senior member of the team implementing artificial intelligence in our product, Xperience by Kentico. He has also been interested in quality education since he was young.

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