We've introduced unlimited vacation. And yes, it's working!
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We've introduced unlimited vacation. And yes, it's working!

You know that feeling when you're desperately counting the remaining vacation days in the middle of summer so you can go somewhere, but there's still time for Christmas? Well, that won't happen to Kentico employees anymore. Read how the new benefit works in practice.

Work-life balance is important to us, which is why we abolished fixed working hours a long time ago. Last summer, we successfully spun off our internal start-up. It was a lot of work, so it was only fair to find a way to thank our employees and, at the same time, give them a chance to wind down properly without worrying about "no days left." 

Why we introduced unlimited vacation.

We want our colleagues to feel well and rested. It puts them at ease, makes them look forward to work, and helps them avoid mistakes. That's why last year we came up with unlimited vacation. It works well with our other existing benefits—unlimited sick days and five weeks' mandatory holiday. 

Trust and accountability are essential.

I'm sure you've come across a common objection from conservative companies: if we introduce unlimited vacation, no one will work. Let us object—that is not the case. All you need for this benefit to work is:

  • An open culture where people communicate with each other 
  • Set rules that everyone understands and accepts
  • A company DNA where colleagues regularly plan their work together and trust each other

Sounds eas;y, right? 

Well, at Kentico, where company values have long nurtured such a working environment, it is a reality. 

Having said thet, we don't recommend unlimited leave for companies that, on the contrary, are built on micromanagement, top-down work planning, or strict control over employees that stems from mistrust. It is unlikely to work there.

How unlimited leave works.

First, we use up the mandatory 25 days. Because with unlimited leave, it wouldn't make sense to transfer those days to the following calendar year. 

Just like the statutory leave, we negotiate the "extra" vacation with the rest of the team and our leaders. That way, we all know what to expect, and the department runs smoothly even in our absence. When we're off, we get full pay.

We don't take vacations in case of illness. Instead, we have unlimited sick days for that. Vacation is reserved for relaxing, not for sweating in bed. 

So, would you be up for it? If you're seeking an employer who will give you autonomy and confidence, you might be interested in one of our currently open positions

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