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We Love Supporting Students

The will to educate, discover new opportunities, and work on useful projects is our inherent quality, which is a spirit we love to share with others. Did you know that Kentico was initially a Bachelor’s thesis?

We Cooperate with Masaryk University and the Brno University of Technology

We involve students in our projects on a regular basis. We organize various workshops and you can even study Kentico as a subject at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University.

We Consult on Theses

We suggest topics for Bachelor and Master theses. But if you have your own idea, let us know and we can see it through together. You can also work on your thesis in our company. We praise anything that can be applied in real life.

We Have Launched Our Own Academy

We have launched the Kentico Academy in CERIT at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University. Over the course of six months, a small group of students has the opportunity to enjoy hands-on experience with product development, engaging in it for up to twenty hours a week.

Working and studying together

It’s common that you may want a university degree. Many of us wanted it too. We labeled those positions that are open also for students. As a student, you’re a part of a team as others, but you have more time for your exams and studying.

Dull and boring aren’t in our vocabulary

We’re not robots; we like to have fun just like everyone else. That’s why you may have come across a city-wide game in Brno that we put on, or our 1337challenge to test your hacking skills.

  • Slavo Moroz

    I was interested in .NET in college. I went to a lecture given by the guys from Kentico. I love what I heard and they way that said it. At the end of the lecture, they mentioned they were looking for talented people. So I introduced myself … and now I have been working here for four years.

    Slavo Moroz, Developer

Want to know more? Write to Michaela

Michaela Sebestova

HR Community Manager

I think that for companies it is really important not to be afraid to get into education and teach students practice. I met Kentico at one of the workshops when I was a student and it was love on a first sight. I am glad that I have a possibility to meet young people who are just as enthusiastic as I have been.