A spring of knowledge: How Kentico is bridging academia and IT industry
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A spring of knowledge: How Kentico is bridging academia and IT industry

Why settle for the ordinary when you can engage with the cutting-edge realms of IT directly from your university seat? We don’t only participate in university job fairs, Kentico provides a set of lectures and workshops for students to integrate real-world IT practices with academic learning. This past month, we've rolled up our sleeves and helped students experience real-world IT challenges. From intricate cloud mishaps and advanced web security to work-life balance. Did you miss it? Read on to catch up.

Real problems, real solutions: Allheads conference in Bratislava.

Kentico’s Alex Herčko took the stage at the Allheads Conference to discuss the complexities of cloud services. His talk, “When things go belly-up in cloud,” provided an insight into how minor errors can escalate, affecting everything from customer satisfaction to employee well-being. Alex shared both humorous and chilling anecdotes from our projects, offering strategies for mastering cloud challenges.

Hands-on security: TestCrunch and Mendel University workshops

Kentico is big on security. But don’t expect a musty room full of grumpy hairsplitters. Our Security Engineers are a friendly bunch; they never hesitate to explain the story behind each measure and lend a helping hand

In March, our QA and Security teams led by Matěj Groman took active part in TestCrunch. Matěj’s workshop, “Security in Modern Web Applications,” offered a rare chance to step into the shoes of a Kentico security tester. Participants tackled eight tasks—from identifying vulnerabilities to enhancing overall security, using our Xperience platform as their testing ground.

In April, Matěj and Robin provided an in-depth cybersecurity workshop at Mendel University. Focused on OWASP methodologies, the session covered the most common web vulnerabilities and their solutions, blending theory with hands-on practice on real Kentico software.

Work-life harmony: FI MU guest lecture

Our very own Kamil Řezníček spoke at FI MU about achieving a satisfying work-life balance in the demanding IT sector. He discussed Kentico’s supportive policies, such as unlimited vacation and flexible Fridays, sharing how these have personally helped him navigate professional and personal challenges.

Deep dive into ASP.NET: Kentico Dev Meetup in Prague

To cater to the experienced audience, the Kentico Dev Meetup brought advanced ASP.NET Core insights to the forefront. Jaroslav Růžička led a session on ASP.NET Authorization internals, preceded by a practical application showcase by Michal Hanzlík from Microsoft. This combination of theory and application provided attendees with a holistic view of middleware and authorization strategies in ASP.NET.

Career fairs left and right

In addition to all those workshops and lectures, we also met with university students at career days organized by universities, be it the Faculty of Informatics, MU, and Mendel University in Brno, or MatFyz in Prague. We answered all their questions and helped them navigate the IT-job landscape.

Why attend next time?

Our events are more than just learning opportunities—they're a gateway to understanding the pulse of the IT industry and preparing for a future within it. We believe in sharing the well-learned experiences with others to not only shape the future of the industry but also ensure a healthy work-life balance from the get-go. 

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