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Agile Coach

The environment of software development is not unknown to you but you are more keen on working with people? You are the one we are looking for then!

What will you do? 

Lead and direct a team so that it worked to its best. And when a conflict appears, you will keep cool while managing it. We will give you a free hand to move things forward. In the way that suits you.

Why will you like working with us? 

1) You don't have to worry that the environment here is one where things are impossible.
2) Our Agile Coaches closely cooperate across the teams. This way enables them to share experience and to learn from one another.
3) We are active and interested in what is happening around us. We regularly arrange events such as Agile Meetup, Scrum Beer Brno or Kentico Agile Open Space. Have we seen you at some of those by any chance?

What does it look like in reality? 

We develop products that help companies all around the world create excellent websites. Our style is agile and stems from lean principles. That's why it is important to know not only Scrum, but other methodologies such as Kanban and XP as well, and to communicate their benefits to the team. 

Do you want to try new things? Great, we will create the environment for you. You will take care of a smaller independent team with all its roles. Knowledge of software development or technological education will be useful but we don't insist.

Experience with leading people is more important for us. And so is the ability to activate and motivate. And at the same time, keeping a firm hand over the process, leading meaningful meetings and moving others in soft skills. 

We know that it's not an easy role...

 ... it requires experience, organizational skills, technical background and feel for teamwork. We pamper our Scrum Masters as much as we can – to give them space for self-education, growth and energy to distribute in the team. And we promise to pamper you too! Our Agile Coaches keep coming up with new ideas and methods. They are the ones responsible for Design Sprints, for example.



5 Weeks Leave

Everyone works better well-rested. Therefore, relax properly for 5 weeks – regardless of whether you work part-time or full-time. 


Unlimited Number of Sick Days

Are you feeling under the weather? Stay at home. You only need a sick note if you are ill for more than 3 days in a row. 


Use Your Friday Well

Shhh, we are concentrated! No meetings on Friday as we focus on work and innovation. 


Innovation Time

You get to plan one-fifth of your work time to do the things you want to focus on – projects or further education.


Comfortable Working Environment

Dogs, fish … we even have our own beer tap - and we're not afraid to use it!


Flexible Working Hours

Recommended by 10 out of 10 parents and commuting colleagues.


Paid Paternity Leave

We give fathers of new-born babies two weeks' paid holiday.


Multisport Card

Go to a gym every day, if you feel like it – at our expense.


Training and Certifications

You can have free professional specializations and/or get a Cambridge English Certificate.


English Lessons 

Apart from English courses in a language school we have our own ESL Teacher. The lessons take place in small groups in the offices and focus on the needs and levels of ability of each team. 


Yoga Twice a Week

We start our day with yoga directly at our workplace.  

How does the job interview work?

Tough questions, psychological tests and a scary atmosphere. Not in our job interviews. Although in Brno we may have dogs in our offices, we do not bite. Rather than psychological evaluations, we trust in our own intuition. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

Intrigued? Like what you're reading? Drop us a line and we will tell you more.

At the Interview, You Will Meet…

Matěj Bystřický

Senior Recruiter

Petr Hýna

Scrum Master